kris hartas

Jordan Kahu + Jess Kent

Romance at its best!

A 10 year anniversary present for Jordan Kahu and Jess Kent.

Jordan reached out to me after seeing some of my work at the 2017 Broncos Champions for Charity Auction.

Months of planning went into our elaborate scheme to surprise his partner Jess. I was to arrive at their family home and take some family shots, posing as a Broncos Photographer. Our plan hinged on Jess having no idea who I was… and despite our best efforts we came undone the night before the photoshoot. I get an email from Jess, of all people. She wanted to commission a piece for Jordan for his birthday. All I could do at this point was laugh and stare blankly at my computer screen in disbelief.

The morning of the photoshoot I shake hands with Jordan on his front lawn, the first words out of my mouth were “you would not believe who emailed me last night”. Jordan stunned, gives me a wry little smile, we laugh and walk inside to surprise Jess and tell her the whole ordeal.