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My first exhibition in May was a moving experience for me. For the best part of a year leading up to it I still had my doubts about my art. Strangely I've never doubted whether I would succeed, more so i've questioned whether I'm drawing the right content! I was incredibly humbled by the turn out from my friends, family, and extended reach of the marketing that was done for the event. You couldn't wipe the smile from my face even if you tried. I loved meeting new people and helping them to understand the process behind my work. 

It's hard not to measure the success of an event by how many sales were made. Of the 8 works generated I only sold one. It was a hard pill to swallow at the time. It was 6 months work, the mind has this ability to outrank what glowing feedback I received with financial woes. This was sweetened somewhat by an invitation on opening night to exhibit at the Sydney Motorcycle show in November this year. All stress of trying to make sales on the night lifted from my shoulders knowing I had an ace up my sleeve. Six months on I'd banked so much on selling my motorcycle works in Sydney. Again I only sold one piece!

This got me thinking about what success is to me. There was a time i used to measure my success by how much money I had in the bank, or by how many followers I had on social media. Yes, they both play an important role in my work but neither of them make me happy. I've discovered my true metrics for success have more to do with personal growth and making people happy, improving my drawing ability, or just being able to do what I love everyday. 



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