kris hartas


About Kris

Kris is an established artist who has built a strong reputation for his quality and diverse portfolio of exceptionally engaging realistic drawings. Kris’s love for pen stems from time studying a double major in Architecture and Interior Design at Queensland University of Technology.

After only two years, his artwork has already caught the attention of numerous galleries in inner Brisbane, and has an impressive commission based client list which includes professional athletes such as Sam Thaiday, Jordan Kahu, and Troy Bayliss. as well as collaborative exhibits at The 2017 Sydney Motorcycle Show, The Design Conference 2017, and Second Nature in 2016 at Fireworks Art Gallery.

Kris would welcome the opportunity to discuss his suitability for new private and commercial works in more detail.


You can measure your love of a hobby by how many hours you put into it, but at what point in time does the hobby become something else? For artist Kris Hartas, his love of drawing overtook his desire to work as an architect and soon his pastime became a fully-fledged career. Kris is earning a following for his brand of highly detailed drawings, which take countless hours (and probably a few hand cramps) to complete.
— The Weekend Edition
And now, in the Thaiday family home, a ‘hauntingly brilliant’ portrait of the Broncos’ longest-serving current player hangs and is a constant reminder of a unique style of art that is less than two years in the making
— Tony Durkin, Broncos Annual 2017